Sinar Alam Corporation (SAC) was initially PT Sinar Alam Duta Perdana (SADP), a company which specialized in logistic and petroleum distribution for coal industry in Borneo.

Since 1985 our credibility has been recognized and brought us to this leading and trusted corporation.

SADP is also one of the companies that trusted by PERTAMINA (Indonesia's Oil and Gas Main Company), to supply fuel for retail outlets SPBU and SPBB in South and Central Borneo (Kalimantan), and to supply petroleum for vessel bunkers that passes Barito River.

In accordance with the customer demands, in 2003 Sinar Alam Corporation expanded the services by establishing PT Masada Jaya Lines, which specifically provide service for Coal Transportation. Our service covers all Borneo (Kalimantan) regions and outside borneo by provide various fleet capacities.

To prove our capability in provide customer demands, specifically in barging and fleet maintenance, we also provide a dedicated business unit for ship docking by established PT Dutabahari Menara Line Dockyard (DML). DML managed by experienced professionals, from casting and maintenance, all aspects that bolster up ship performances could be done in our dockyards.

The growth and rapid development in each of our business units, makes our corporation improved, looking at details and professional in handling performance and services.

Our team in each divisions works within international standards and work ethics, while providing the services, from the scratch to be shapes, safely, professionally and timely manner.

The sustainability and strength of our corporation significantly improved since the joining of Experts which has lot of year of experiences and expertise in Multinational Company by implementation of Project Management, Continuous Improvement, Six-Sigma, Operational Excellence, Integrated Enterprise Resource Planning and Enterprise Asset Management.

And we are in coordination to achieve the highest rating in licensing of International Safety and Environmental Standard such as ISO 14001, NOSA and OHSAS 18001 that will bring our corporation to the highest position of the most leading company.

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